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New Lighting & Bespoke Finishes

New Lighting & Bespoke Finishes

Show at Four Store in Shoreditch

Opening Night 21st November, 123 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG

Lighting manufacturer Clar chooses French terrarium brand Green Factory in Shoreditch to showcase their new bespoke lampshades.

Applying a playful approach to tones and textures Clar unveils its signature lighting line in distinctive, bespoke finishes. It introduces a new, muted palette in fine Dupion Silk and charismatic pineapple fibre finishes. Clar’s new line perfectly complements the miniature cosmoses of Green Factory’s terrariums.

Designer’s choice Ni-Ni returns with the debut of two large sized luminaires - broadening the appeal of the collection and catering for  bigger installations and more industrial settings without losing the core of what made these lampshades so successful. 

Clar lampshades continue to be handmade from their studio in East London with a network of local suppliers. Thanks to this short supply chain individual variations can easily be accommodated. Clar takes design commissions for homes and interior projects allowing for individual lighting responses to unique projects.

Join us for a drink, the launch of the new Ni-Ni collection and to bask in a warm, photogenic glow on a cold, autumn evening. Designer and owner of Clar, Barbara Etter will be here from 5pm.

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