The journey starts in play - working directly with the material and with little planning. It is a conversation with the material's properties: with fragility and stiffness, softness and tension, with texture and translucency - nudging at boundaries and finding compromise. The final character of an object is born of this thoughtful investigation and led by regard to function, intuitiveness, familiarity and the environment.

Barbara Etter_ lightbyclar

 Barbara Etter is the person behind clar. With love for a quiet, minimalistic aesthetic she strives to create lighting objects that comfort us with their calm simplicity and elegance. Her experience in product and interior design stretches over a decade. After studying at ZHdK in Switzerland she moved to London and worked as designer on national and international projects.

 clar produces locally and  we assemble in our East London studio. We try to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible using little transport and friendly, clever packaging. Working directly with local manufacturers makes communication very fast and direct and it feels fabulous to work in a community of nearby professionals.

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