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Playing with the Elements

Playing with the Elements

The design journey starts in play - working directly with the material and with little planning. It is a conversation with the material’s properties: with fragility and stiffness, softness and tension, with texture and translucency. The final character is born of this exchange and informed by charm and function, intuitiveness, familiarity and the environment.
The Ni-Ni lampshades are the result of an investigation into how one single cut can transform a flat material. The outcome manifests itself in a geometric play with shadow and light.

Micro Display : Lampshade Ni-Ni & Lime seeds at Westminster, Great George street.

MicroClar, PopupLondon, lightbyclar, Minidisplay, lampshade, Barbara EtterMicroClar is a temporary small format show that pops up in phone booths across London.

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